Junior Citizens
Care Centre


Junior Citizens Preschool child care program promotes a balance of positive education and play experiences. Weekly themes are carefully planned to fill your child’s day with interesting and engaging learning and play. Our exceptional preschool teachers ensure that the programs are focused and fun. Preschool children will discover reading through Junior Citizens strong literacy-based approach, which includes: library / language, letter of the week, sound table, songs, rhymes and stories.

Each morning, your child will participate in a unique educational three year old program, or four year old program. Depending on the age and level of development.  This program focuses on developing a variety of cognitive and fine motor skills, necessary to progress through the coming years.

The key components covered within the Three’s curriculum includes:

Children will receive their own personal binder of work sheets designed to reinforce the skills they are learning each day.

Each new accomplishment will fill your child with pride and the desire to learn more once they realize, “I can do it!” Our Preschool Readiness program makes it easy and exciting for children to learn.