Junior Citizens
Care Centre

INFANT program

Include sign language, baby reading, baby math and more!

The infant program at Junior Citizens is designed to create a warm, nurturing and safe environment where an infant is encouraged to learn, grow and explore using all of their senses. In order to make this happen, our teachers provide numerous sensory experiences each and every day. We know that rapid development is happening in the first year of life and therefore it is essential that we provide stimulating activities to encourage optimal development.

Our custom infant program curriculum consists of: fine motor, gross motor, science sensory, language and math.We understand that in all of these activities there need to be social and emotional connections between the caregiver and the child. Our teachers seek to create a bond and form a trusting relationship with each child, in order to help healthy growth to occur. The “home-like” setting of our infant care rooms are designed to encourage infants to build trust in themselves and those who care for them.

We ensure that you remain the most significant and most important adult in your baby’s life as we work together as a family unit. Daily verbal communication keeps you informed about every part of your child’s day. We seek to provide our parents peace of mind and build mutual respect between our parents and caregivers.

Our language program features “Infant Sign language” and “Fun Family Phonics”. We are excited about the outstanding results that both of these remarkable programs have shown in infant language development. Signing gives infants the tools to communicate long before language develops and reduces frustration. The “Fun Family Phonics” program encourages infants to naturally learn the written word at the same time as they are learning the spoken word, through a multi-sensory approach to learning. Daily songs, flash cards, books and more introduce an infant to language using sight, sound and interaction.

At Junior Citizens we acknowledge that each child grows, develops and learns differently. This is why we believe that providing a multi sensory approach to learning is the key to meeting each individual child‘s needs. The time from Birth to 18 months is the best time to facilitate knowledge, as all areas of the brain are developing at an incredible rate. We are ready to give all of the infants in our care the best head start for future success!

Additional Elements of Our Infant Program

·       Daily outside time including neighborhood walks and outside experiences. In addition to using the gym.

·       Music and story time throughout the day.

·       Daily verbal report to all parents, which highlights your child’s daily activities and covers: fluid and food intake, a record of diaper changes, a record of medication administration (if applicable), special activities etc. Parents also provide our care givers with information on how their child slept the previous night, most recent diaper change, and any other information they would like to provide.

·       Promotion of socio-emotional, communication and physical development.

·       Daily availability of caregivers and centre directors, ensuring an open and warm communication process.


·       This schedule is meant to be as an example. Times stated are approximated, as the needs of the children are our first priority.

·       Hours of Operation: 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM

·       Daily routine: 

·       7:00 ‑ 9:15       Greeting of children and parents

                           Free play, feeding the children breakfast

·       9:15 ‑10:15      Nap time.

                          Changing diapers

·       10:15 -11:15    Dress the children for outside

·       11:15 -11:30    Washing children hands&

                           Circle or song time around eating area      

·       11:30 ‑ 12:15   Lunch

·       12:15 ‑ 12:35   Hand washing ,bottles before nap

 ·       12:35  ‑ 1:00    Changing diapers

·       1:00  -   3:00    Nap time

·       3:00     3:30    Children wake up

                           Quiet lap time, bottle drinking (if necessary)

                           Toileting and diapering of Children

·       3:30 ‑ 4:15        Indoor play continues

                            Assist children in cleaning up

 PM snack

·       4:15 – 5:30       Indoor/Outdoor play

·       Good-bye to children and parents

·       Passing on information to parents re: the child’s day, nap, toileting, eating or 

      Centre information