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Philosophy and goals on discipline:

The Center Philosophy and practices with regard to guidance and discipline are always based on a positive, non-punitive approach. We believe that it is important to promote children’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development. We believe each child is unique and individual. Our methods will recognize and understand their differences and offer help and guidance that are to the best of our ability, effective and appropriate. We will give attention to the child’s developmental level and environment, and use prevention and intervention strategies prior to any undesirable incident occurring.

In cases where ‘discipline’ is needed, we will acknowledge feelings, set limits, and offer appropriate choices and use natural and logical consequences.  It will be a positive learning experience with reinforcement of acceptable behaviour being the emphasis.

Discipline or guiding children's behaviour is done while appropriate behaviour is occurring, as well as before, during, and after socially unacceptable behaviour is displayed. The goal of guidance and discipline is to assist children in developing respect, self-control, self-confidence and sensitivity in their interaction with other.


Illnesses preventing daycare attendance

Conditions which require children to be kept at home:

1.Any complaints of unexplained or diagnosed pain.

2.Any acute cold with fever and runny nose and eyes, coughing and sore throat. Once      

   temperature, well-being, and energy are normal, coughing and runny nose may   

   continue (dependent on suspect illness) without the child being contagious. If

   symptoms are caused by a known allergic reaction, then the child is not contagious.

3.Fever (l00F or 38.3C) accompanied by general symptoms such as listlessness may   

   be an early sign of an illness that requires a physician’s attention.

4.Sore throat or trouble swallowing.

5.Infected skin or eyes, or an undiagnosed rash.

6.Headache and stiff neck.

7.Unexplained diarrhea or loose stool combined with nausea, vomiting and abdominal  

    cramps. These symptoms may indicate a vital (gastrointestinal) infection, which is

    easily passed from one person to the next. This child should be kept at home until all  

    symptoms have stopped.

·      Nausea and vomiting may be an early sign of an illness that

           requires a physician’s attention.

·      Severe itching on body or scalp.


Should your child develop any of the above symptoms, our facility will contact you and request that you pick up your child. If you cannot be reached, the emergency contact listed on your registration form will be contacted. If they are not reached we will call 911. If an ambulance is required it will be on parents expense.

If your child becomes sick with a contagious disease, you must inform the Care Centre within 24 hours ,so that the Care Centre can inform other families and the Health Unit if necessary.

a.             If a child had diarrhea, vomiting or fever, he should be away of the center for 24   


b.             The Care Centre reserves the right to require a written note from the child’s    

           Doctor confirming that your child is well enough to attend the Care Centre and is   

           no longer contagious, unless the disease has run its course .

c.              Ultimately the care of the child is the parent’s responsibility.


If there is ever a necessity for a child to be administered medication at the Care Centre, the following guidelines apply:

·      No medication can be administered to a child unless written authorization is given to the staff.

·     Prescription medications must be in original prescription containers showing the child’s name, doctor’s name and dosage. Parent’s consent is required to permit the Care Centre to administer the medication.  Parents must fill out a medication form that states the correct dosage, the time the medication is to be given, the name of the medication, and any additional facts, such as side effects.

·      Non‑ prescription medications: Parent’s consent is required to permit the Care Centre to administer the medication. The medication must be in the original container and clearly labelled showing the proper dosage. Parents must fill out a medication form that states the correct dosage; the time the medication is to be given, the name of the medication, and any additional facts, such as side effects. The medication form ca printed under forms or ask a staff member for a copy to fill.


·      Parents are required to provide breakfast, morning snacks, juices (for infants, also provide afternoon snack) and lunch for their child. Meals and snacks should be well balanced and follow Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating.


·      Food containing nuts and peanut butter are not allowed in the Childcare Centre due to food allergies. The facility will provide water throughout the day.

·      Food high in added fat and sugar, such as candy, sweets, potato chips, soft drinks, and bubble gum are not allowed.

·      The center will provide an afternoon snack (not for Infants) such as cereal, healthy cookies, fruits and vegetables. Staff will continually communicate with parents to ensure the food allergy list is updated.

·      Parents are to inform  the staff if they do not want their child to participate in the afternoon snack.

·      Once a week, the center offers hot lunch for the children.(Ask staff for details)


·      Staff will discourage children from sharing their food.


·      If a parent is interested to do his child birthday at the center they are allowed to bring cupcakes or cake “with no cream”and the staff will supervise that in the afternoon.


  ·   Upon filling out a registration form, parents must provide in writing a list of all allergies. A Care Plan will be put in place for each child having an allergy.

  · Continual communication between parent and staff will ensure that the list stays updated at all times. Staff will post a list of all children with allergies and the type of allergy on the fridge.

  ·  Parents are informed that peanut butter and nuts are not allowed in the center. In case of an emergency, the Supervisor or one of the staff will call 911 and inform the parents right away. Staff will follow individual child’s Care Plan as required.


       Child Pick Up Policy

·      Staff will release children only to those  who have been pre-authorized to pick up by the parents (pre-authorization will be only to someone 12 years and older). This pre-authorization is done at the time of registration.

·      In case of an emergency, change of plans, or change in authorized person for pick up the parents will notify the center in writing with new details of authorized person for pick up. Either by email the center, fax  or SMS( Numbers are given when you sign up) Upon pick up, staff will require photo ID.

·      The staff of JCCC will remind the parents to update the Registration form  in their news letter



·      Communication between parents and staff is vital for a successful partnership. We have an open door policy. You are encouraged and invited to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the Care Centre or the staff members. As a regular practice, staff members will share questions or concerns with the management as a way of helping to improve our service to your children. You can also make an appointment directly with the director.