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The toddler program at Junior Citizens is designed to create a safe environment where toddlers are encouraged to learn, grow and explore using all of their senses. To enable this wonderful time of growth in toddlers, our teachers provide numerous sensory experiences each and every day. Research has clearly shown that rapid development is happening in the first two years of life. From this, we knew that in developing our toddler program, it was essential that we provide stimulating activities to encourage optimal development at this age.
Our toddler program curriculum includes material that helps develop all of the following skills in toddlers:
• Fine motor
• Gross motor
• Sensory and science
• Language
• Math
• Creative art
• Dramatic play
• Family and cultural appreciation
We understand that in all of these activities there need to be social and emotional connections between the caregiver and the child. Our teachers reach out to create a bond and a trusting relationship with each child, as part of helping the child to grow as an individual.

Toddler Language Development

Our language component features wonderful material developed using the “Toddler Sign language” and “Fun Family Phonics” programs. We are so excited about the outstanding results that both of these remarkable programs have shown in Toddler language development.

Signing gives toddlers the tools to communicate long before language develops and reduces frustration. It also reinforces the spoken word. Teachers will provide you with the signs your toddler is learning each month to help you follow through with signing at home. Reinforcement – by parents at home – of the signs a toddler is learning at Junior Citizens, strengthens the toddler’s skills and has benefits for the whole family! Consistent signing at daycare and at home helps to achieve optimal results in communication with each toddler.

“The Fun Family Phonics” program encourages toddlers to naturally learn the written word at the same time as they are learning the spoken word, through a multi-sensory approach to learning. Daily videos, flash cards, books and so much more introduces the toddler to language using sight, sound and interaction. This program is a continuation of Junior Citizens Infant program and our toddlers will be continuing using Fun Family Phonics.

At Junior Citizens we acknowledge that each child grows, develops and learns differently. This is why we believe that providing a multi-sensory approach to learning is the key to meeting each individual child‘s needs! We strive to help each child to be well on their way to a successful head start in education!

Toddler Program:

This schedule is meant to be as an example. Times stated are approximated, as the needs of the children are our first priority.

• Hours of Operation: 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM
• Daily routine:
• 7:00 - 9:30 Greeting of children and parents
                   Free play
                   Feeding the children breakfast
• 9:30 -  10:00 Dramatic playtime, circle time and music.
                        Changing diapers, Assist children with tidying up