Junior Citizens
Care Centre


We believe that children at Junior Citizens Care Center deserve to be cared for and nurtured in a safe and loving environment. Our goal is to provide a secure and stimulating environment surrounded by happiness, affection, humour and laughter; and to help children become more aware of themselves, others and the world around them, while expanding their ideas and abilities.

Our objective is to focus on the development of children’s self‑ esteem and problem solving skills; a sense of awareness and respect for others; curiosity and discovery; concentration; responsibility for toys and belongings; motor skills and self-help abilities.

 Our program provides a balance between adult-directed and self‑ selected activities, with many opportunities for choices and decision making for the children.

We look forward to working with you and your child.  We invite any questions or suggestions you may have.

Junior Citizens daycare is a safe, clean, nurturing, and stimulating environment designed to help children grow, explore, create, and have fun.


Shalimar Abbas

Early childhood Educator

Infant/Toddler Educator

Special Need Educator

Director Of JCCC